Our Approach

The word passion comes to mind when asked how we feel about making your home healthier. Yes, we are truly radon geeks and proud of it. Our purpose is to educate as many as possible about the effects of radon and we are completely thrilled when we bring a homes’ radon level as low as possible! But we are MORE! From top to bottom, we are well versed in all areas of home maintenance and comfort.

Our Story

My radon world all started when I worked for another company who decided to add radon measurement and mitigation to their list of services. I recall thinking it was the most complex class I have ever been to in order to get licensed.  But, my instructors were the best you can get; Bruce Snead, considered a pioneer in the radon industry and Chad Robinson, a true radon guru. Somehow they made what I thought would be a boring subject, intriguing and downright addictive. Upon going into the field I developed a real excitement for educating people about how radon works and see their relief when I deliver them an excellent post mitigation test! After doing hundreds of tests and successful mitigations I ventured out on my own. Thus was born Howell Radon, Inc. We now are Howell Healthy Homes DBA in order to encompass all areas of our expertise and areas of service…..mold, radon, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and more!—Lacey Howell, Owner

Reece Howell, General Manager is an excellent resource for our clients as he holds Master Plumber, Master Mechanical, General Contractor and Electrical licenses. Also he has nearly a decade of experience and in depth training in MOLD remediation and is IICRC certified. Have a difficult project at your home or business…he’s your guy!



Lacey Howell,      Owner-Operator, licensed Radon Geek

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Reece Howell, General Manager

For your peace of mind, Reece is also a Licensed General Contractor, Master Plumber, Master Mechanical, Licensed Electrician, IICRC Mold Removal Specialist, Radon Mitigation Tech. He can provide you with the best solution for all your homes needs!




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