Mold In your home can cause serious health problems. There are also many misconceptions about mold and we are here to educate you and address your concerns in order to bring you peace of mind.

Your mold remediation should include secure containment, air scrubbers set up for negative air during work, pre and post air sampling and proper PPE. Only a company certified in mold remediation and testing should be used for the health and safety of your family! Just tearing contaminated material out without setting up containment according to industry standards leads to the spread of mold spores throughout your home. Make sure it is done right the first time!

Reece Howell is among the most experienced contractors in the mold remediation industry. Reece is licensed for mold remediation in both commercial and residential settings. More important, he has years of experience in the industry and as such, is your “go to” for all mold questions!

Here is what one customer has to say about Reece  “Reece always went the extra mile for us. Really came through when a lot of people didn’t. He is very professional and all the work done was exactly as quoted. I can’t say enough good things about this guy!”     Mark G.  Manhattan KS

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