How Does Crawlspace Encapsulation Work?

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Humidity can be a major problem in your home not just for reasons related to comfort, but also for your health and your home’s structural integrity, among other things. Your crawlspace is particularly prone to excess moisture because it’s located at the lowest point of your home and features bare earth instead of a finished floor.

How Does Crawlspace Encapsulation Work?

As ground moisture evaporates into your crawlspace, the excess moisture can lead to all kinds of problems, including mold growth, pest infestations, wood rot, energy loss, and poor indoor air quality. Luckily, crawlspace encapsulation exists to prevent these kinds of issues.

Crawlspace encapsulation is a service that involves sealing off your crawlspace to keep moisture out of it. Generally, a heavy-duty plastic vapor barrier is installed on the ground. This keeps the ground moisture from entering your crawlspace. Barriers are also installed on the other surfaces in your crawlspace for more moisture control. Vents, gaps, and cracks may be sealed, and dehumidifiers may be used for added moisture control, keeping your crawlspace dry and unlikely to pose issues for your home.

The specific measures that are taken during crawlspace encapsulation depend on the specific needs of that unique crawlspace. If you choose our team at Howell Healthy Homes to provide crawlspace encapsulation at your home, we will assess your crawlspace and recommend the steps that we think are best for your home. Then we will implement them with attention to detail.

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