Three Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Home

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Mold growth in your home is a major concern for many reasons. To start, it can cause health-related issues, especially for individuals who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. It can also irritate the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. Then there is the fact that mold causes structural damage by feeding on and breaking down organic matter like wood.

Three Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Clearly, mold is something to be avoided, even if it is possible to repair the damage it causes. As mold remediation professionals, our team members at Howell Healthy Homes have extensive knowledge of mold and would like to provide a few tips to help you prevent it in your home:

  1. Make sure you have proper ventilation. When you use your shower in the bathroom or cook on the stovetop in your kitchen, it is extremely important to consider ventilation. Turn on the fan in your bathroom or the range hood above your stove to remove any excess moisture from the room.
  2. Invest in good insulation. If your roof, walls, attic, or windows are not insulated well, moisture will seep into your home. High-quality insulation will help keep your indoor humidity at normal levels.
  3. Check for leaks and fix them immediately. An unaddressed leak will almost certainly lead to mold growth. If you check your visible plumbing fixtures regularly or hire a plumber for an inspection, you can catch leaks earlier and prevent mold growth—or at least prevent it from getting worse.

Despite your best efforts, you might not always be able to prevent mold. In that case, contact our team for mold remediation in Topeka, Kansas.