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Gain peace of mind by scheduling professional radon testing services.

Radon Testing in Topeka, KansasRadon is an invisible, odorless, and naturally occurring gas that can easily go undetected in homes and commercial buildings. It has been proven that excessive amounts of radon can increase the risk of developing lung damage and lung cancer, so it’s crucial for property owners to schedule professional radon testing services. If high levels of radon are detected, you’ll be able to quickly take the necessary steps to remove the gas and return your building to safe levels.

If you’re located in the Topeka, Kansas area and are looking for a reliable radon testing company, we encourage you to turn to us at Howell Healthy Homes. Our local team has the experience, expertise, and tools needed to provide accurate radon testing services, giving you the information and peace of mind you deserve.

When you contact us for radon testing services, we’ll schedule a time to visit your property at your earliest convenience. One of our skilled technicians will place a radon testing device on the lowest level of your home to detect how much radon seeps into your home over time. For best results, these devices should be left alone for a few days to measure the radon levels. Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, we’ll pick up the device and translate the results into a comprehensive report for you to review.

If the report reveals your home has acceptable levels of radon, you can rest easier knowing that your family is safe. However, if elevated radon levels are found, our team can provide the radon mitigation services you need.

To learn more or schedule a radon testing service, please reach out to us today.