This team is great! After calling a few other radon places with no call / no show, Howell Healthy Homes really delivered. From the moment I reached out, scheduling/install/ follow up – all fantastic! The install was quick, very neat, and clean, and they took the time to educate me on the system. I highly recommend!

-Matthew M.

I highly recommend Howell Healthy Homes! They are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and are truly the experts! Cancer runs in my family. Right before moving here from California last month, my husband and I had a close call with cancer. The doctors had me do a biopsy a week before our big move for breast cancer, because my tests came back abnormal. In the end, my biopsy was benign! We were relieved. But we know that it can happen anytime to anyone. So, needless to say, I take our health seriously. Howell Healthy Homes is the company to call!!! They have a lifetime customer in my book. Thank you to such a great team! They rock!!

-Lea C.

Lacey fit us in very quickly when we needed radon mitigation during the sale of our home. Very professional and courteous – they answered all of our questions. If the need arises in the future for any of their services, we will definitely use them again!

-Beth C.

They are very knowledgeable, prompt, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend them!

-Aly S.

My husband and I reached out to Howell Healthy Homes because they were referred to us by our Realtor. We cannot say enough great things about this company and their team! Reece came out multiple times to our house to ensure he understood the issues we were having and made sure he did it right! Reece was able to come EARLIER than planned (which was GREAT) and really did a fantastic job. He installed 1 sump pump for us with a backup battery, replaced another sump pump motor with a battery backup, and rerouted sump water way from the house outside. Again, I would HIGHLY recommend Reece and his team! They are honest, they follow through on their jobs, and they get things done!

-Mallory L.

Awesome is all I can say. They did a super great job, explained everything, and did a clean job. I have nothing but positive to say about them.

-Yvonne S.

They did an outstanding job of installing a radon mitigation system. Very clean work. I had very little cleanup to do myself. Thank you for your help. The radon levels are now down to reasonable levels. Highly recommended.

-Tony S.

As I was very concerned about radon and the fact it causes cancer, we started looking to have our basement mitigated. We found Howell Healthy Homes and honestly can say it was the right choice. They did a very neat job (no mess whatsoever), the two men were very polite, and even let our dog follow them around (after all they need a supervisor lol)!! We now feel safe being in our basement; only wish we had done it sooner!! They even mitigated the small crawl space, Thank you so very much. We appreciate your promptness.

-Janice S.

Great service and great people to work with. Would recommend using them!!!!

-Joel K.

Howell radon did an encapsulation of our basement. They are very affordable, prompt, and very easy to work with. Their crew did a wonderful job. I highly recommend!

-Jessie E.

I have always been curious what our radon levels were. Not anymore! Howell Healthy Homes gave me the answers I needed to set my mind at ease. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and communicate very well. Give them a call; I highly recommend them. You will be glad you did!

-Edith G.

They did a wonderful job with our crawl space and radon mitigation. We have had several positive comments from other contractors and workers. The house is much more comfortable, and the crawl space looks and feels 100% better. They have also done some insulation work for us that we are very happy with. The work looks great. It has definitely made a difference in the temperature in our house.  

They are prompt, polite, steady, and solid workers. We are very impressed with them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

-Cara B.

Most passionate radon mitigation technician I know. Definitely the best of the best! I would recommend Lacey any day of the week.

-Pat B.

Very professional and we are very satisfied with the process.

-Diann G.

Very professional company. The tech guys knew what they were doing and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them.

-Christopher K.

Easy to work with & accommodating to our needs for air duct cleaning before coming back home with an immunocompromised child. Will book again when the time comes!! Thanks, Howell Healthy Homes!

-Molly S.

I highly recommend Howell Healthy Homes. Our realtor agent told me to contact them for a radon mitigation quote. They were there the next day and provided a quote. They completed the work in a very professional manner and quickly the very next week.

-Steve G.

I have always enjoyed using Howell Healthy Homes for radon testing and mitigation in any of my real estate transactions, but recently they went above and beyond on one home in particular! Due to the holiday craziness, we only had a few days to install a radon mitigation system before closing day. Lacey made sure to squeeze us in, and they stood by their word to get it done even when we ran into a few hiccups the afternoon before closing. They were quick to problem solve and put in overtime hours to make sure the new buyers could move in the next day. I cannot thank her enough for being a top-notch professional and for helping me make sure my clients have the best experience possible. I will continue to use them and highly recommend them to anyone else!

-Megan J.

Their tech who came out to install the radon pump was very professional, did excellent work, cleaned up his work, And explained everything very well. Hard to find service companies as good as Howell Healthy Homes.

-Trent F.

Professional from start to finish. They don’t cut corners or do questionable work. They explain everything they use, everything they do, and the reasoning for it all. We spoke with a couple of companies, and Howell Healthy Homes stood out from the beginning. We recommended them to many of our family members who have had equally satisfying experiences and results with them. The install crew braved adverse conditions of a rainy morning followed by July sun and muggy heat. Did we mention that they had to do a crawl space after being rained on? They got messy but took precautions to keep our home clean and never once complained. We now are running at an average of 1.2, and the basement doesn’t smell musty like it did before. Thanks again for your excellent service and install.

-Vanessa Jo W.

They got us in their schedule quickly, which was important since we were selling our home and on a deadline. Very friendly technicians and fair price!

-Sheena S.

They came to our home first thing in the morning, exactly when they said they would. They were kind enough to warn us before loud noises, so I could take my baby outside, and they didn’t rush me at all. I asked them to wait a few minutes before the loud noise began, so I could finish changing my baby, and they were happy to wait and encouraged me that it was no rush. I had an ornament sitting out in the open in such an awful spot, and it accidentally got broken. Instead of trying to cover it up, it was the first thing they told me about when they came back up the stairs. I was, and still am, so appreciative! They also cleaned up so nicely when they were finished working. Trust is something that is hard to come by. You can trust this company!! Thank you again for taking the radon poison out of our home!

-Tasha F.

It was surprisingly simple, effective, and affordable. They did an excellent job with great follow-up testing. They were prompt, neat, and professional, and the estimate had no hidden expenses. Since we spend a lot of time in the basement, it is a relief to know that the risk of getting lung cancer from radon has been essentially eliminated. When we first considered radon mitigation, we feared it would be a lengthy, expensive, messy endeavor. Howell Healthy Homes showed us a better way. Thanks, Lacey, you’re the best!

-David T.

Our home Is located in the city of Waterville, KS. Our radon test was 20.5p Ci/l which is 5 times over the safe limit. I e-mailed Lacey and told her we needed their service to get this radon out of our home. Lacey contacted us and that same day had her crew at our home installing a radon mitigation system in our basement. They were finished that evening. Talk about fast, prompt service! Our posttest is now showing 1.6 pCi/l ,which is excellent. Howell Healthy Homes did a fantastic job in getting the radon out of our home. This family-run local business really cares about the health of you and your family. It was the best money my wife and I could ever spend. Radon is everywhere in the state of Kansas. Please get your home tested.

-Gary L.

Great people to work with. Professional and courteous. They installed our system and explained all aspects of the process. Call them today to schedule your appointment.

-Robert Marisa M.

Fast, clean, efficient, and friendly!

-Susan M.

Howell Healthy Homes did a wonderful job with radon remediation for an older house I was trying to sell in the Junction City area. Very professional and quick to respond. Highly recommended!

-Brandon L.

Wonderful company. Thorough , knowledgeable, timely, and less costly than other companies. They were friendly and professional. I highly recommend Howell Healthy Homes.

-Darla D.

I would highly recommend Lacey and her staff to anyone who might have a concern with their home’s radon level. They are very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Lacey took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns as well as explain the mitigation process in detail to me without the “high-pressure sales pitch” or making me feel like “just another number” with a “one-size fits all” solution. During my system’s installation, Joe was very courteous and professional as well. Upon his arrival, he assessed the best plan of action for the system’s installation and included me in discussion with his recommendations. He completed the installation in 1 day, and I was very satisfied with the quality of his work. Not only was their quote for my system slightly less than others in my area, the final invoice was even a little less than I had anticipated, which also included a follow-up courtesy visit they scheduled to monitor a 72-hour post-installation test of the radon levels in my home. Thank you, Howell Healthy Homes!

-Jason C.

Howell Healthy Homes has a quick response time and is very professional with fair pricing! I am a REALTOR® and will always recommend to sellers this wonderful company! They just completed a project for one of my listings that had standing water in the crawlspace. Another client will be using them as well in the next couple of weeks for standing water in the crawlspace.

-Sally T.

Great, prompt service. Tech even helped with an unexpected obstacle with our sump pit. Ms. Howell is professional from start to finish and hires quality people to work under her. Glad we asked them to add a fan to our formerly passive radon mitigation system. We certainly have peace of mind knowing radon levels are far below EPA standards now.

-Noelle T.

Great service at very competitive prices! Howell Healthy Homes has been very quick and easy to schedule and worked with my clients’ time frames to ensure on-time closing. Lacey responds to calls and emails very quickly and makes the process of radon testing and mitigation simple.

-Cameron W.

Howell Healthy Homes did radon mitigation in my home. I have both a basement and a crawl space. They were upfront with the cost involved, and my radon level was 1.2 – well below the recommended 4.0. They were quick and left my basement clean. I am VERY pleased that I had them make my home healthier!!!!

-Erika H.

Highly recommend!!! Very knowledgeable and friendly!! You can tell they are very passionate about what they do and strive to give you the best!!!

-Amber L.

They did an excellent job; very neat. They were very knowledgeable on what they were doing. Thank you for cleaning out the corner of our garage where they had to move things to install the equipment. We would recommend them very highly. 

-Addie W.

Amazingly fast results! This company knows what they are doing and are well worth giving a call if you need radon work done.

-Mary S.

Very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I highly recommend this company.

-Deborah W.

Wonderful job! Highly recommend this company!! Lacey and Reece are both so knowledgeable.

-Jerri S.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! They quoted us a rate that was $50 cheaper than a company we respect a lot but does not specialize in radon mitigation systems, and they stuck to the rate. With that being stated, their customer service from beginning to end was top notch! And to top it off, the system they installed looks absolutely amazing and works like a charm. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend them.

-Shawn M.

They did an amazing job.

-Christy R.